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100GPD household RO machine
100GPD household RO machine
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Product Details

Household RO water purifier on the market there is a time not long home drinking water equipment, but its presence has been more and more consumers at home, especially by the water dispenser the user's favor, because He was the door to avoid went to buy bottled water, bottled water costs and the cumbersome transport. Drinking water machine and the biggest difference is that the machine is to create pure water, pure water equipment, and drinking pure water is warming or cooling and easy for people to drink the device.
Details: pure water machine is the use of pressure in the RO membrane, the pressure of too much easy to cause membrane damage, it can only have a limited penetration of water molecules through RO membrane, part of the water molecules and impurities, bacteria, viruses and other substances condensed water is discharged out the form, which is said wastewater, and repeated exposure of the bottled water in the secondary pollution, water quality, substandard safety problems, the pure water machine is the best way to find safe drinking water. Meanwhile, the use of pure water machine water to the system, the average cost of more cost effective than buying water.
1, with the United States, the world's most advanced RO membrane RO water treatment, to ensure water quality.
2 imported brand-name super-quiet diaphragm, long service life, operation and reliable quality.
3, 5 filters, integrated play the effective role of the filter, remove the original water sediment, suspended solids, colloids, organic matter, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria, viruses, heat and other harmful impurities, retaining only the water molecules and dissolved oxygen.
4, washing with high pressure reverse osmosis membrane function (indicator board computer control), automatic washing for 2 hours total time, can effectively extend the life of reverse osmosis membrane.
5, the process of automatic control of water (raw water, water down, water bucket full stop).
6, semi-closed, beautiful, generous, and the anti-smoke, dust and so on.
7, the current system is to drink, and drink the new fashion. Warning: Use of raw water should be municipal tap water, water quality should follow the "drinking water quality standard" (2001) requirements, please do not use an unknown water source. Note: For security reasons, the proposed level 1 using opaque and transparent filter housing filter housing. Because many residents within the building, the use of a water pipeline with the results of opening and shutting of Trinidad and Tobago will have a "water hammer", as "water hammer" the power of direct give and pure water machine the first time a transparent filter housing , the results may lead to rupture of the stealing of transparent filter housing. So, for insurance purposes, building users opaque filter housing, or, if the resulting adverse consequences, the Company is not liable for damages.

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