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1th reverse osmosis system
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1th reverse osmosis system
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Reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, referred to as RO technology. Treated water 1.0t / h

1) Overview

        Infiltration technology is the most advanced and most energy efficient membrane separation technology. Reverse osmosis membrane, sodium filtration equipment, PP cotton, etc. The principle is that under the effect of osmotic pressure in the solution, based on other material can not be through the semi-permeable membrane which will leave to these substances and water. As the reverse osmosis membrane, pore size is very small (only 10A or so), so the water can effectively remove dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, etc. (removal rate as high as 97-98%). System has good water quality, low energy consumption, pollution-free, simple process, easy operation and convenience.

Seawater reverse osmosis technique is commonly used, brackish water of fresh water; water softening treatment; wastewater treatment and food, medicine, chemical industry, purification, concentration, separation and so on. In addition, the reverse osmosis technology for desalination pre-treatment also achieved good results, enabling the load on ion exchange resins easily by more than 90% recycled resin dosage can be reduced by 90%. Therefore, not only cost savings, but also environmentally friendly. Reverse osmosis technology can also be used except in the water particles, organic substances, colloidal materials, the ion exchange resin to reduce pollution, extend the life of all have a good effect.

    Reverse osmosis is the preparation of high water the most widely used as a desalination technology that separation of the object is the scope of the solution and the molecular weight ionic hundreds of organic matter, reverse osmosis (RO), ultrafiltration (UF), microporous membrane filtration ( MF) and electrodialysis (ED) is membrane separation technologies.

2) RO technology advantages

① No heat, no phase transition;
② low energy consumption;
③ equipment, small, simple, adaptable;
④ on the environment from pollution.

3) Reverse Osmosis pure water system applications

                                                                      Reverse Osmosis pure water system is widely used 

Electronic industrial water                 Integrated circuits,silicon wafers,display tubes,electronic components such as wash water
Water for pharmaceutical industry   Infusion,injection,tablet,biochemical products,equipment cleaning,etc.
Chemical industry process water    Chemical cycle water,chemical products manufacturing
Boiler feed water power industry      Thermal power boilers,factories and mines low-pressure boilers in power system
Water for food industry                       Drinking water,beverages,beer,wine,health products,etc.
Sea water,brackish water desalination  Islands,ships,offshore drilling platforms,brackish water areas
Drinking water                                    Real estate property, communities, enterprises, etc.
Other process water                          Automotive, appliance paint, coating glass, cosmetics, fine chemicals, etc.
Water electroplating industry           Clean piece of water, bath water


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